Target REDcard Debit

24 Apr



Seriously, how did I not know about this?!


So Target is one of those stores where everytime you check out you’re asked if you’d like to open a store card and my response is always “no thank you”.

Well, I don’t know what the cashier said last night that caught my attention but it turns out Target has a debit card program! This is similar to Nordstrom’s program in that the debit card is linked to your checking account. I signed up after learning that you get 5% off EVERY purchase as well as free shipping online.

Now I don’t shop at Target all the time but when I do I normally spend a pretty penny. Target is one of those stores where you go in for one thing and walk out with a lot more. For that reason I’m pretty stoked at the 5% off. Every bit counts. ;)

For more info visit your local Target store or view online here.


{Obsessed!} 60s Trends

23 Apr

Just last night I was reading an article about Mad Men and the popularity of the show’s 60s fashion and beauty looks.

mad men mad men 2

Whether the big hair, pixie cut or the fierce eye makeup I’ve always loved the beauty trends of the 60s and I’m super delighted that the MOD look is back in style.

imagesCASAAY73 imagesCAB0NG10 imagesCAQODA4S imagesCA2I9COC

{Photo Source: Google Images} 

I am also SO obsessed with cut crease eye makeup. I think the look is insanely gorgeous I just haven’t attempted it – yet. ;)

Below is some cut crease swoon. ♥

c225e7182b12afb1def288a6ca347df6 b21270a2f4819fc4123cf973c21b26d4 6da73e374c60160e58ff74ee07515a6f cut crease 2 cut crease 6d4ebe19784d7ca9acbd73c88c4b0278 a19f3bd90dc06af66144058de114fb5b072bc83477609be833c6597ee96bf83c

{Photo Source: Pinterest}

Lastly is an amazing cut crease by one of my favorite IG artists – LOVE!


{Photo Source: IG@Mac_Daddyy}

MUA Angel Merino, aka Mac_Daddyy, also owns Artist Couture. The site features some fierce, custom-made brush belts as well as jewelry.

Do check them out! ;)


Makeup Hygiene 101

22 Apr


This weekend I was out for a friend’s birthday and a random girl in the restroom asked to borrow an eyeliner pencil – WHAT?!

I apologized and told her that I couldn’t because it isn’t sanitary to share makeup ESPECIALLY eyeliner pencils.

Her response – “I had no idea I’ve never heard that before.” Ummmmm….. really?!

So aside from not sharing your makeup bag contents with strangers below are some makeup hygiene tips whether you’re cleaning in between clients or letting your girlfriend borrow your blush brush. ;)

makeup brushes Makeup Brushes

Wash your brushes at least once a week.  This is an obvious one. Washing your brushes is necessary not just to remove product but to remove any dirt or bacteria.

To clean my brushes I like to use olive oil, baby shampoo, 99% rubbing alcohol or brush cleaner.



SEPHORA brush cleaner


For daily cleaning I’ve been using Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner (Sephora, $6-$14) – love! This brush cleaner spray and rubbing alcohol are also great to keep in your kit. TIP: Pour alcohol into a small spray bottle.

beauty blender cleanser


I also like using the beauty blender cleanser to clean my brushes. This cleanser is highly effective and gets my brushes super clean! Also,  a little goes a long way :) (Sephora, $17.95)


Eye & Lip Pencils

To clean your eye & lip pencils sharpen them then spray with the rubbing alcohol. I usually wipe mine off with a kleenex as well.

Eyeshadow & Blush Powders

To sanitize your eyeshoadow & blush powders lightly spray with rubbing alcohol. Might sound a little scary but this is how you effectively clean your powders. Again, lightly spray!

Cream Products makeup spatula

For foundation, concealer, lipsticks, cream blushes etc use a makeup spatula and mixing palette. The ones I use are stainless steel but they have plastic ones available as well. Simply use the spatula to scoop (or slice maybe) the product and the palette as either a placement for the product or area to mix.

None of these tips are new just thought I’d share since apparently not everyone is in the know. FYI – girls love to share makeup especially lip products but when it comes to my personal makeup bag I’m really weird about sharing eye products especially eye pencils. Eeeek!

Random Beauty Faves

18 Apr

Just a quick post on some of my random beauty faves! :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LASHES! LOVE! I used to solely buy Red Cherry lashes but after discovering Ardell lashes at IMATS this year I’ve been slightly obsessed. My absolute favorite is the Double Up in #204 – Glam!


Next is Revlon’s Lash Adhesive Remover. I remember purchasing this and highly doubting it’s effectiveness (and yes I still bought it).

I was so wrong because this product is great! I wear lashes all the time and removing them can sometimes be a little frustrating. You don’t want to ruin the set (I wear mine more than once) but more importantly you don’t want to ruin your natural lashes.

This product is great! Simply apply the wand to the lashes for quick & easy removal.


 Love  Tresemme’s Tres Two Spray #3! This is seriously my go to hairspray. I love it because it definitely helps hold my style without making my hair sticky or crunch – yuck! It’s also a large bottle that lasts a while though I usually stock up when they’re on sale. ;)


For years I used vaseline to remove my eye makeup. No idea where I got that tip from but it worked as a great eye makeup remover, was gentle and also moisturizing.

A few years back I saw on one of Kandee Johnson’s youtube  vids her talking about Alba’s unpetroleum jelly – I’ve been using it ever since!

This product is great because unlike vaseline it doesn’t contain petroleum. I use it both for my eye makeup and as a lip moisturizer. The only place I’ve purchased it is at Whole Foods though I believe has it for a great price as well.


Last but certainly not least is the Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo – amazeballs. I have tried quite a few different dry shampoo products amd my issues with most were the white residue and the way my hair would feel after application. No likey! 

I randomly picked this one up at CVS because it was on sale & it’s a huge bottle. Love it! It’s very effective, doesn’t leave a residue or make my hair feel any kinds of weird. 




17 Apr

The last few years I’ve made powerpoints (picture collages, really) for appointments I have – hair, makeup, even photos. I love having these for appointments because instead of simply saying what I have in mind I can show them multiple pictures so they can see exactly what I want.

I know, total nerd status but trust me it’s worth it. I’m sure it’s happened when you go get your hair done and you tell the stylist what you want and they’re all about it… you two are totally on the same page. Only your hair is done and you two were obviously not on the same page. No sense in pointing fingers everyone thinks and interprets ideas differently.

Hence, the pictures! I’ve actually had stylists thank me for               bringing these in because it helps them ;)

So I thought I’d share my Hair•spiration collages for my appointment I have this coming Monday – SO excited!

I currently only get my hair done every 3 months, hence the excitement! I have ombre with a brown base so its pretty low maintenance. That & my hairstylist is bombdotcom so I don’t feel the need to go more often than 3 months.

Yes, I am still rocking ombre! I had it a few years ago then went back to all brown and am now back to ombre. I get super bored with my hair and always want to mix it up somehow. BUT, I will not cut it short and I don’t make a good blonde, nor are bangs my thing so my options are limited. (Ya think?!)

I do love ombre hair no matter how trendy it is. I’ll probably keep it for a quite a while longer ;)

First is my collage for my last hair appointment.

last ppt

This time I decided to be a bit more organized and separated the pictures for color and then cut & style.

color cut & style

{Photo Source: Pinterest}

In case you didn’t realize I am a huge fan of pinterest. I use pinterest for inspiration, ideas and a good laugh (e-cards!).

To check out my pins go to  ☺


Side note: I highly recommend making these photo collages if you have a photo shoot, whether it be engagement, wedding, boudoir, announcements etc. I’m sure everyone has pinterest but when taking photos you won’t remember all of the poses and you’ll be bummed later that you forgot.  I recommend making the collage, emailing your photographer, then printing a copy for your shoot that way the photographer has a tangible resource to refer to.

{Beauty Buys} Save vs. Splurge

16 Apr

While working on a personal finance project I came across, for the first time,’s blog – highly recommend! 

One particular post was titled “Which beauty products are worth the extra cost?” which of course I had to check out!


save vs splurge

Below is my take on the article’s Save vs. Splurge items.

Lipstick SAVE – Agree!

As I’ve stated before I used to be a total MAC snob but that was the most expensive it got. I’ve seen some beautiful colors from YSL & Chanel but I could never bring myself to do it.

Enter drugstore lipsticks – LOVE! I have found some really amazing lipsticks, some of which are dupes to popular higher-end items. Sometimes I’m a little surprised a the price of drugstore lipsticks which is why I hit the sales and take advantage of in-store and manufacturing coupons.

Faves: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters & Milani

Foundation SPLURGE – Agree, but….

I have found some great drugstore foundations such Loreal True Match and Revlon photofinish. There are tons of beauty gurus who use drugstore foundation as part of their everyday routine. However, not a, ll skin is created equal. I’ve been experiencing skin issues and I believe it’s because of the face makeup I’ve been using.

I used to use MAC and then went to Makeup Forever HD Foundation. I loved it, but I got tired of paying $40+. I then looked to drugstore makeup to utilize as my “everyday makeup” then save the good stuff for special occasions. Over time though I transistioned fully to drugstore makeup.

To that point I agree with the article’s comment on foundations.

FAVES: MAC Studio Fix & Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Mascara SAVE – Agree!

Now I can’t say I have too much experience with higher end mascaras. In a random Ulta haul I purchased the Too Faced Better Than False Lashes & Benefit’s They’re Real Lashes which I am embarrassed to say how much they were because they’re stil sitting untouched in the boxes – fail!

The drugstore offers a huge selection of mascaras. Pick one that you really like or pick five and layer them. Seriously! My favorite youtube beauty guru Nicole Guerriero has a tutorial on just this. Check it out!  :)

Blushes SPLURGE – Eh

My criteria for blushes are 1) a great color 2) great payoff 3) long lasting. But when it comes to brands I’m kind of all over the place.

I have few blush palettes from Coastal Scents which I really like. They have great colors and are super affordable. The blush that’s currently in makeup bag is Milani’s #08 in Coralina – Love! And of course MAC has an amazing selection. My two faves are mocha and peachykeen though I have a few different ones on my MAC shopping list.  

Eyeshadows SAVE – Disagree!

In my opinion not all eyeshadows are created equal. They all differ in pigmenation, payoff, long lasting & ability to blend etc.

What I like to do is a buy one palette that I use everyday until it’s pretty much gone. I did this with the Urban Decay Naked, Naked II and my current palette is a cusom MUD one I picked up at IMATS.

So yes you’re spending a nice chunk on a palette but you’re going to get your money’s worth if you use it til the end.   ;)

more ways to save

My Savings Tips

 Shop the sales! My drugstore of choice is CVS and I normally only purchase beauty items when there’s a sale – buy one get one 50% off, extrabucks offers or even manufacturing coupons. Also a great way to stock when the products are least expensive.

Shop online! Boy have I learned my lesson. When it comes to higher end stores such as Sephora or Ulta I shop online. Why? Too many times did I go into those stores for those one or two items and left with way too many products. Not good! By shopping online it controls my purchases and a lot of times you can sometime get better deals online (hello free shipping!).

Organize your current collection! I need to take my own advice on this one. I feel like I lose products all the time. And of course it’s the one item you REALLY want to wear and can’t find it. Fail! By organizing your current collection you’ll most likely find stuff you forgot you had and put it to good use.

Check out the rest of the blog post below.


{Lady Life} Take Me Out to the Ball Game

14 Apr

As a birthday surprise for my love I organized an Angels Game (& tailgate) with a few of his friends that won’t be celebrating with us at Stagecoach in two weeks. Though the day didn’t completely work out as planned (does it ever?!) it was still a great time! I had his friends take him golfing so I could run around and get stuff ready then we all met up at his friend’s house. I was so proud of myself for packing up the truck, ice chests and getting all of the tailgate stuff together.

No joke, even he was proud :)


Now I can’t say I’m an avid baseball fan but I do love going to Angels games. Angels Stadium is so much fun, especially tailgating. :) A few pics of me & my love at the game last night. <3

 IMG_0220 IMG_0221Cheeeeeeseballs!

Last night was also Mike Trout bobble head night. Not only is it fun to celebrate this amazing rookie player but it was so awesome that it was his run last night brought in a Halo victory in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and down by one. (Patting myself on the back for that baseball lingo hehe) So happy we stayed until the end and got to see this play.

Great ending to a great night!


I also thought I’d share pictures from our prior Angels games. We’ve gone to a game once a season the last four years.

He is the reason I’m an Angels fan afterall. :)



Me & Boo

IMG_0229 Me & Seester

Our first year I had organized an Angels game & tailgate with all of his friends. I believe it was my first Angels game ever. So much fun! I’m totally checking out my hair. I had clip-in extensions – LOVE!


Me & BooIMG_0230

A few palsIMG_0231

Another game in the April timeframe the weekend of his birthday. Our seats were insane! We were front row right along the first baseline. So fun but oh my goodness so hot. I really dislike this picture of me.

I had the beaded extensions and oh my goodness – terrible! My hair did not react well to them at all. Never again!


IMG_0232 <3

IMG_0233 Goofs!

Last year we went for the Angels vs. Dodgers and had a HUGE group. So much fun! :)


Lipstick Fever

11 Apr

I never used to get crazy with lipstick colors. I wore MAC’s cremecup all day everyday, thought red looked horrible on me, and plum/darker colors NEVER entered my mind. Ever!

Lately though I’ve been pretty adventurous with lipstick, even sporting some less than subtle colors at work – Gasp!

I’ve recently become a little lipstick obsessed, especially with drugstore brands. I used to be a total MAC lipstick snob and though I still love their products I’ve found some really great ones at the drugstore. Sometimes I’m a little surprised at the price of some drugstore lipsticks, but that’s why I go bananas when they have sales. Hehe!

mwahkeep putting on lipstick

A few of my new faves I sported to work this week. :D


I remember buying this Revlon Lip Butter and totally questioning it. I wore it for the first time this week and Love it SO much!

Revlon Lip Butter #075 Lollipop


And now for the red :) I used to see girls sporting red lips & looking amazeballs but I never thought I could pull it off. In fact it looked terrible anytime I tried. Now it kind of works for whatever reason. Maybe my haircolor or skin tone – not sure but who cares. I love it now!

Maybelline New Vivids #885 Vibrant Mandarin

A few of my other other new faves……


Maybelline New Vivids

#870 Shocking Coral & #900 Hot Plum


Milani #14 Rose Hip & # 21 Sangria

This Darling Dress {Swoon}

10 Apr

Right before class I was on Pinterest (of course!) and came across these engagement pictures that totally reminded me of this dress on Rickety Rack that I LOVE but I have no idea for what occasion I would wear it. Not only do I think these engagement photo are beautiful but it also puts a different spin on the Ballerina Tulle Dress. Swoon!

She said Yes! Engagement Photos


{Photo Cred: Photographer via Pinterest }

And now the dress – AHHHHH! So in love! Totally reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw :)

ballerina soufflecarrie bcarrie b 2keep calm carrie


And since I was on the site I might as well share the other lovely dresses from I absolutely adore!


Love! Love! Love!

Obsessed! {B&W}

9 Apr

Lately I have been obsessed with {B&W} emsembles.

Yes, it is super basic but I absolutely ♥  it!

I think the looks projects effortless & minimal, yet very classy & very chic. Yes please!    :)

e1e107e8e714c9daa029478b71e0862d 1c8216d96937e048a1a1a3e94f26423f06ef1f83ddfc2f87edbb0d7743cf959fbc5964b5a144261c4a95e385a085fab7c1f41d998e851c74af2a9ae17a2ca543ba97622ed9c28d423b0c15456608a6beB&W061ecf63b2eb02844523dba118fb834d8901af968959a9b51ca9b6ebc4f692c842a513b8863a9f3ad13d972b62afe8e7B&W ii03a519d867d2a6fa48b8f460314bb535

 e1217ef78e375e9a14271cdd91499302 e941f51b0979477fc051a08a29f55296 e49d83158182681f3b360a0ef1ce2b43    ba0b234240d511a8dbdeb5e801751d89

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

I’ve definitely been into the {B&W} combo with a pop of color either with my handbag, shoes or a fierce red lip :)

   ae234c81fb253a2b01d975e8a9ab1288 69735ff486128af54ff745749c6aac57  2289dfd86b540d2d5b0027ac7909d98a

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

I’ve also had my eye on these {B&W} lovelys from 

75fa8b0ee876841b57be1cb5d894425f    9c7f14f837faa3e0fc82c2937272b7ef 9c3b9a5b1608f19c9444521b46bc7573    ba8ce27733a0db7a054b5347734f169d

Lastly is this {B&W} themed wedding. I can’t say that I would have a black wedding dress but I still love the look! ♥


(Photo Source: The Knot)


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